Things we’ve lost in worship (and desperately need to get back)

It actually goes without saying that most contemporary worship (in all denominations and independent churches) these days is preoccupied with pragmatic preaching and exhausted with emotional exuberance … but shallow in substance and dull in doctrine. For some, it is at best a TED talk with a Scripture thrown in. One great need of worship in these last days is to return to time-honored and Holy-Spirit-blessed worship that exalts God, expresses Christ, and edifies the saints.

There are five things that need to be returned to our corporate worship:

Expository preaching. 35 years of pragmatic, self-improvement, self-focused, topical preaching has shown us that it does not build solid, practicing Christian disciples. Let us return to exegeting, interpreting Scripture first, then making correct life applications.

Scripture reading. Most contemporary services use very little Scripture. A verse or two is usually torn out of its context and used as a launching pad into the pastor’s topical message for the day. Let us return to the exclusive reading of Scripture with reverence, respect, and hearts to hear.

Prayer. Many contemporary services use prayer as a “cover” for musicians or stage props to be moved around. Let us return to pastoral prayer where the pastor or an elder leads the church in focused, conscientious, shepherding, and Christ-honoring prayer.

Confession of sin and assurance of pardon. Sin is seldom if ever mentioned in many contemporary services. Success is the theme of most contemporary services. Let us return to the recognition of our sin, confession of our sin, and the receiving of the assurance of pardon through Christ’s atoning work alone can give.

Doctrine-based congregational singing. The lyrics of many contemporary lyrics are man-focused and thin in theology – to say the least. So many songs are being written and produced, it’s hard to learn them and let them permeate into your soul. Let us return to doctrinally-based songs, sung by the congregation, that are rich in theology, honoring to Christ, and glorifying to God.

Generally speaking, we need Christ-honoring, Bible-based, sin-confessing, singing congregations and theologically rich expository preaching that will immerse worshipers in the Gospel of Christ and encourage them to follow Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, body, talents, possessions and relationships.

~ by jackpickel on October 3, 2022.

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