Good Mourning

“Weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning.  (Psalm 30:5)

Scripture has a lot to say about mourning, probably because it’s simply part of the human experience.  Scripture never hesitates to show us the raw emotion of people who are journeying through the dark night of the soul.

To mourn is to experience the pain of your life and face the dark abyss where nothing is clear or settled, where everything is shifting and changing.  It is to face the fact that you have no control.

Many things cause us to mourn.  Mourning may be induced by the loss of something or somebody special to us;  grief over bad decisions we’ve made; reactions or overreactions we had to certain situations.  Just this morning I made a list of some things I’m currently mourning – all of these categories were represented on my list.

Thoughts on mourning…

1)  Mourning should be properly understood and practiced .   God never condemns those who mourn.  In fact, Jesus says that those who mourn will be comforted (Matthew 5:4).

2)  Mourning is an emotional issue.

3)  Mourning is not always good.  Not every expression of grief is always proper.

4)  Mourning can only find comfort in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is the Holy Spirit who comforts those who mourn.

5)  Mourning is essential for the healing of the soul.  The Bible promises that joy comes in the mourning.

A mourner’s prayer…

Father, I’m glad you don’t reject or condemn those of us who mourn.  Thank you that you’ve developed within us the emotional ability to wrestle with and express our grief.   Could it be now through (name your current source(s) of mourning) you’re trying to get me to face reality and let go of the illusion of control?  Probably so. 

Help me to go to the house of mourning, mourn my losses and stay as long as you see fit.  But even further, please bring me to the joy that comes in the mourning.  Bring me to the place where I can accept my life and rejoice in it.  Help me to mourn my losses.  In turn, enable me to mourn with those who mourn and minister to them (Romans 12:15).  Amen.

…and for you I pray “Good Mourning”…



~ by jackpickel on March 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Good Mourning”

  1. Good commentary. Mourning is essential and necessary, but sometimes difficult. I used to fear mourning but God’s comfort has given me peace.

  2. Thanks Jack! I think we look for the joy that comes in the “morning” and forget to look for the joy that comes “in the mourning”. Thanks for that reminder!!!

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