The Power of Prayer

I’m continuing recovery from a back injury that sent me to the floor on March 1, 2012.  The pain from this caused me to miss four weeks from the preaching at my church as well as a host of other things an active guy like me enjoys doing.  It was four weeks of much physical and emotional pain and a great deal of solitude, prayer, acceptance, and emptiness.  So, here’s a few things (probably will be more!) I’ll be walking away with after this wonderful, albeit painful, Sabbatical.  The first was SOLITUDE (see prior post), and …


Prayer is not 1) an intellectual exercise where I try to impress God with how much I know about him (most of our views of God are distorted anyway), 2) giving God my laundry list of stuff I need him to fix, 3) a chess game where if I make a move, God will make a move, 4) a fast-food type order I give God to be quickly executed by him, bundled in a neat, convenient package, and given to me at the drive-thru so I can be merrily and expeditiously on my way.

Prayer is simply being along with God;  simply keeping company with God; simply telling him what’s on your mind; and simply listening for him to tell you what’s on his mind.

It is phenomenal that this Holy Other, this Lover of my Soul invites me to approach him; linger with him; remain in him; abide in him.

More than anything these last few weeks, God has not so much given me everything I’ve prayed for but he has comforted me during my times of prayer and given me hope for the future – regardless of what the future holds.  Especially when my prayer has been the rawest, most honest, and least verbally pleasant.

I encourage you to read two classic books on prayer by E. M. Bounds – Power through Prayer and Purpose in Prayer.

To be continued…

~ by jackpickel on April 3, 2012.

One Response to “The Power of Prayer”

  1. Nicely said Sir!! I enjoyed the sermon about these things this past Sunday as well!! Good luck in this blog world!! I look forward to reading yours!! 😉

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