The Strength of Silence

I’m continuing recovery from a back injury that sent me to the floor on March 1.  The pain from this caused me to miss four weeks from the preaching at my church as well as a host of other things an active guy like me enjoys doing.  Four weeks of much physical and emotional pain and a great deal of silence and solitude.  So, when I preached last Sunday (April 1, 2012), I preached out of this experience on four (of many) things God taught me in this wonderful, albeit painful, Sabbatical.


We love being busy.  But why?  It seems we Americans refuse to let one minute go uncluttered.  Is it because we fear what the silence may bring?

We fear silence because when there’s no TV, email, spouse, kids, job, Facebook, Little League practices to get a child to or dance lessons to get another child to, computer, etc, all that is        left is ME – and ME is the very one I’m trying to avoid.

Because when confronted with ME, I have to cease judging others and deal directly with my own issues.  So I cover it up with busyness and busyness is a barren place.  Busyness keeps my from evaluating my interior life.  Busyness keeps me from entering into a more intimate relationship with the God who created me and loves me beyond belief.

Jesus was unswervingly devoted to solitude (read the gospels).  King David, the man after God’s own heart, was committed to time alone with God on a regular basis (read the Psalms).  Paul, the greatest missionary and church planter ever, went through three years of solitude in the Arabian desert before he began his ministry (read Galatians).  Seems like a pattern there.

Silence is a spiritual discipline meant to create space in my life in which God can act.  It provides God an opportunity to speak in his still, small voice.

You have taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and confidence we shall be strengthened.  By your Spirit lift us to your presence where we may be still and know that you are God”  (from the Book of Common Prayer)

I encourage you… get alone…get quiet…listen…

To be continued…

~ by jackpickel on April 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Strength of Silence”

  1. Silence is so hard to endure! I appreciate your words, Jack. I look forward to the other points you will be sharing!

  2. Experienced a similar situation a few years ago. Good words of wisdom here!

  3. Jack, thank you so much for the inspirational words. I have been bed ridden before and I must say it gave me a lot of time to reflect and think about my life. Glad you are feeling better.

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