Friday Night Lights

Things that gave me some “light” this week…

* Breakfast with a friend of 20 years Monday morning.  His courage to speak truth to his congregation (and to me) is amazing.  I’m jealous of it.

* My Life Group Monday night.  The dinner, dialogue, and discipleship is so very encouraging and enlightening.  I relish it.

* Sermon preparation Monday and Tuesday.  I never tire of God’s Word.  I delight in it.

* Yoga class Tuesday night.  Oops – didn’t go.  I regret it.

* The dentist on Wednesday morning.  Yes, the dentist.  I don’t like going to the dentist but God gave me the best dentist ever.  He and his staff are personal, professional, and … painless (usually!).  I appreciate it.

* Breakfast with a good friend Thursday morning.  His total acceptance of me is incredible.  I savor it.

* Lunch with a struggling friend Thursday afternoon.  His willingness to be honest and share his struggles is admirable.  I treasure it.

* Breakfast with another 20-year friend this morning.  His commitment to Christ, the Church, and his family is undeniable.  I admire it.

* Meeting with two of my church guys to discuss a future project today.  I anticipate it.

* My church’s willingness to conduct a 24-hour prayer vigil tonight through tomorrow night for the victims of human sex trafficking.  I’m humbled by it.

* My wife’s willingness to “understand” me (I’m very complicated).   I adore her for it.

I’m sure I left something or someone out…but these were just a few “lights” along my way this week.

~ by jackpickel on September 28, 2012.

One Response to “Friday Night Lights”

  1. Great things to be thankful for and it’s great that you’re aware of all of those things. Very impressed that ya’ll are praying for the victims of the sex trafficking trade. Sometimes I think people aren’t even aware of those things in our country. I’m thankful that you and I can still be friends after all these years.

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