Things pastors probably won’t hear in heaven…

Things pastors probably won’t hear in heaven…

“I wish you’d have shown me more rapture charts and preached more on prophecy.”

“I wish you’d have preached more like those TV preachers.”

“I wish you’d have told me steps to making more money.”

“I wish you’d have done more skits / shown more videos in our worship services.”

“I wish you’d have preached more about politics.”

“I wish you’d have preached shorter sermons.”

“I wish you’d have worn ties…or suits…or jeans…or cooler shirts…”

“I wish you’d have pushed for a bigger building.”

“I wish you’d have given us better pop-culture references so we could have felt more ‘relevant’.”

“I wish you’d have made our worship ambiance better and the transitions in worship smoother.”

“I wish you’d have catered more to the American religious consumer mindset so we could have reached (stolen) more already-church-attending Christians from other churches so we could have made our church larger.”

“I wish you’d have not preached about grace so much.”

These are just a few…I’m guessing…

~ by jackpickel on October 26, 2012.

One Response to “Things pastors probably won’t hear in heaven…”

  1. I like that Jack “Things pastors want hear in heaven”.

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