TITLE:  When to speak up and when to shut up (c. 2003,  156 pages)

AUTHOR:  Dr. Michael D. Sedler  (

PRICE:  $5.99


I just happened to see this book at Wal-Mart and bought it.  I’m a pastor – I get paid to talk.  Being trained in the philosophy that “people are moved by noise and motion”, I talk a lot.  However, I’ve been learning that after a while people stop listening.  I’ve been learning that often silence communicates as much as speaking.  With all the “talk, talk, talk” that goes on in our lives each day, it behooves us to give some attention to the notion of talking less.  This book enriched my thinking about this subject philosophically and also gave me practical, applicable, hands-on ways to shift my ACTION in this area.



“When confronted with the dilemma of whether to speak of be silent, be sure you have ample information with which to make a wise decision.”

“The more information I obtain and the greater the breadth of my perspective, the more accurate my responses will be.”

“Becoming angry is neither right nor wrong.  It is the manner in which we put our anger into action that creates the problem.”

“Silence may allow the truth to come forth on its own.”

“Your silence will probably be of greater impact than an emotional outburst.”

“Why defend?  Why justify?  Why try to explain when someone’s mind is made up?…Parents, children, leaders, employees, supervisors, pastors, are you listening?  There is a time to be silent.  It can bring comfort and inner peace when God has directed it.”


I recommend this book.  A good investment for $5.99!



~ by jackpickel on November 12, 2012.

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