Like a twig on a river…

So, I’ve been preaching through the Old Testament book of Hosea.  Interesting book, Hosea.

Yesterday I spoke from Hosea 10.  I won’t give you the whole message here but verse seven intrigues me:  “Samaria and its king will float away like a twig on the surface of the waters.”  Interesting thought, twigs on rivers.

Twigs on rivers…

…have been separated from the source of their life – the branch…

…have experienced unreconciled brokenness – from the branch…

…have no direction – just floating along…

…are at the mercy of the river – to take it wherever the river chooses…

…simply float away – never to be seen or heard from again.

I’m guessing many people live their lives like that – like twigs on a river.  Perhaps separated from the source of life;  perhaps living with unreconciled brokenness;  perhaps living with no direction, plans, objectives, focus;  perhaps at the mercy of whatever life or other people throw at them;  perhaps having no influence or impact – never to be seen or heard from again.

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time (I think Zig Ziglar said that).

A couple of questions to ask yourself as 2012 draws to a close…

A.  What have I learned from 2012?

B.  How can I leverage what I’ve learned from 2012 to help me better plan and prepare for 2013?

C.  Do I have a ____________ plan?  (Fill in the blank:  financial, relationship, spiritual, career, self-development, etc.)

D.  Or, will I just float through 2013 like a twig on a river?

Interesting thought, that.

~ by jackpickel on November 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Like a twig on a river…”

  1. Enjoyed the analogy.

  2. Sometimes floating sounds good. But watch out for the rapids. With no plan of attack you’ll drown or get smashed.

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