Prayerful observations…

Returned last night from a 24-hour period of fasting and prayer.  Thought I was going to pray mostly about our church but God made it mostly about me (hate it when that happens!).  I can only describe it as wonderfully excruciating.

Just wanted to share a few of the things God impressed on my heart.  Again, these are things he meant for me but you might can connect to a few as well…

A.  God forced me to probe the depths of my personal selfishness – it wasn’t pretty.

B.  In addition to A (above), God reminded me that facing the truth about myself is probably the most difficult and painful thing I will do in my life.

C.  However, in addition to B (above), God knows my truth about me (my selfishness, bad decisions, sins, errors in judgment, hang-ups, issues, idiosyncracies, weirdness, etc.) and he can handle it.  Perhaps other people can’t handle it – but HE CAN.

D.  God re-established in my thinking that I have absolutely NO excuse for my disobedience – none whatsoever.  The good news is that the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross is the propitiation (covering) for my sin.

E.  God reminded me that what’s done is done and its in the past.  His plan for me is in the future.  Right here at the beginning of a New Year and having just turned 50 (with 50 years of a lot of goof-ups behind me), that is GOOD NEWS.

F.  God reminded me that salvation is not just about HEAVEN, it’s about spiritual HEALTH on the way to heaven.  That’s why Bible study, church, prayer, generosity, solitude, self-examination, etc. are so important.

Just some things he impressed on my spirit these last few hours.  Maybe something in there for you as well.

Grace to you.


~ by jackpickel on January 16, 2013.

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  1. Thanks for sharing

    Todd Moore
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