I have decided…

I’ve decided…

…to stop taking myself so seriously.  The same God who made me also made the hippo, hammerhead shark, platypus…and Larry the Cable Guy.

…to be thankful for all the incredible blessings I enjoy as I shift into fifth gear and roll back the throttle on the open road.

…to take a nap.  Jesus took naps even during extreme gale warnings.

…to turn the volume up to 11.  If I’m going to lose my hearing I might as well enjoy the process.

…to give more than I get.  I can’t keep it anyway.  God has a huge end-of-the-earth bonfire planned and all the material stuff to which I cling so tightly is going to end up as ashes…I’ll let it go now.

…to remember that this life is unpredictable.  It is best lived in a state of dangerous wonder rather than linear monotony.

…not to try to figure it all out today, and I won’t expect you to do it either.

…to make it job number one to hang on for dear life to Jesus, my family, my friends, and my mission.  Everything else goes to the back of the line.

…to follow Jesus…no turning back…no turning back.

~ by jackpickel on April 20, 2013.

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