Labor Day Reflection…

It’s Labor Day 2013.

Some people love their jobs.  Some people hate their jobs.  Some people are ambilivalent about their jobs.  Some people just live for the weekend.   Some good, hard-working people are looking for jobs right now – we should pray for them.

I was just thinking this morning how good God has been to me in my labor over the years – he’s always provided.

My dad was a businessman and entrepreneur.  I worked for him all my young life and some while I was in college (and, yes, I WORKED – he cut me no slack).  In college I always had a job.  At 22 I was pastoring my first full-time church and have been working (sometimes at various and sundry things – not always in the “ministry”, but working nonetheless) since then.   I’ve worked in air-conditioned offices and dug ditches in the scorching sun.  And now, God provides a generous living for my wife and me through the wonderful church I pastor and through the businesses she has established.

All that to say:  IT IS GOD WHO PROVIDES.  I’m learning that it’s not so much about MY labor but about GOD’S grace.  Yea, I’ve worked hard – but at the end of the day – it is the grace of God that provides.    I deserve nothing but I receive so much.  I’m not that smart – but he provides anyway.  That’s grace.

So, have a good, safe, happy, and fun Labor Day with family and friends.

Just be mindful of and be thankful to the One from whose hand it all comes.

Peace to you.


~ by jackpickel on September 2, 2013.

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