I am…

In Ephesians 1:3-14, the Apostle Paul gives us the lead story of the Gospel by reminding us who we are in Christ.

Read through the text.  I have turned these statements of Paul about our identity in Christ into “I am…” statements.  I encourage you for the next few days to repeatedly run these statements through your mind and be gloriously reminded who you are in Christ.

I am blessed (vs. 3) in heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing,

I am chosen (vss. 4 & 11) in him before the creation of the world,

I am holy (vs 4),

I am blameless (vs.4 ) in his sight,

I am loved (vs. 4),

I am predestined (vs. 5),

I am adopted (vs. 5) as God’s child through Jesus Christ,

I am graced (vs. 6-7),

I am redeemed (vs. 7) through his blood,

I am for the praise of his glorious grace (vss. 12 & 14),

I am included (vs. 13) in Christ,

I am marked in him (vss. 13-14) with his seal.

This week … you think about that.

~ by jackpickel on January 5, 2014.

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