One Way Love…continued


I am reading Tullian Tchividjian’s new book, ONE WAY LOVE (INEXHAUSTIBLE GRACE FOR AN EXHAUSTED WORLD). Tullian is the grandson of Billy Graham and the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Letting Tullian speak for a  few blogs.  (See previous blog ONE WAY LOVE).

“By nature, you are completely addicted to a legal method of salvation.  Even after you become a Christian by believing the Gospel, your heart is still addicted to a salvation by works…you find it hard to believe that you should get any blessing before you work for it” (quoted from Walter Marshal, THE GOSPEL MYSTERY OF SANCTIFICATION).

“The Law offends us because it tells us what to do – and most of the time, we hate anyone telling us what to do.  But ironically, grace offends us even more, because it tells us that there is nothing we can do, that everything has already been done.”

“Grace generates panic, because it wrestles both control and glory out of our hands.”

“Make no mistake:  over time, preachers who major on law and behavior rather than grace and faith will empty their pews and create refugees.”

“Pulpits today are full of preachers telling one-legged people to jump higher and run faster.”

“I have attended church regularly since I was less than a week old.  I’ve listened to sermons about virtue, sermons against vice.  I have heard about money, time management, tithing, abstinence, and generosity.  I’ve listened to thousands of sermons.  But I could count on one hand the number of sermons that were a simple proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.” (quoted from Rich Mullins)

“We make a big mistake when we conclude that the Law is the answer to bad behavior.”

“…helplessness creates the space for God’s amazing grace.”

Think about that today.

Grace to you.

~ by jackpickel on January 10, 2014.

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