One Way Love…continued…again


I am reading Tullian Tchividjian’s new book, ONE WAY LOVE (INEXHAUSTIBLE GRACE FOR AN EXHAUSTED WORLD). Tullian is the grandson of Billy Graham and the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Letting Tullian speak for a few blogs. (See previous two blogs).

“If the law is the first word, grace is the last. The Law exposes…grace exonerates. The Law diagnoses, grace delivers. The law accuses, grace acquits. The Law condemns the best of us, while grace saves the worst of us. The Law says ‘cursed’, grace says ‘blessed’. The Law says ‘slave’ while grace says ‘son’. The Law says ‘guilty’, grace says ‘forgiven’. The Law can break a hard heart but grace can heal one.”

“…not one of the original 12 disciples was a religious person.”

“A grateful heart is a generous heart, and a generous heart is a liberated heart.”

“Where disobedience flourishes, it is not the fault of too much grace but rather of our failure to grasp the depth of God’s one-way love for us in the midst of our transgressions and greed. Grace and obedience are not enemies, not by a long shot.”

“Jesus did not come for the “good people” who need a helping hand.  He came for those who are completely hopeless without him.”

One surefire way to know you’re starting to grasp this message of grace is when you’re finally able to admit that you’re not the good guy – that you never were and apart from grace you never will be.”

“The more I focus on how I am doing – the more I check my spiritual pulse – the more anxious and neurotic I become.”

You think about that.

Grace to you.

~ by jackpickel on January 13, 2014.

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