Hospitals and Heart Surgeries

I spent the day today with my wife and her family at one of Atlanta’s premiere hospitals anticipating my father-in-law’s quadruple bypass surgery. The surgery was postponed until tomorrow because the surgery before his went longer than the surgeon anticipated.


* There is a great deal of sickness and pain in the world. It reminds us that people are hurting in all kinds of ways. We live in a broken world. But one day … there will be no pain or death. Jesus took care of that for us.

* It seems that people in hospital waiting rooms are kinder to each other than in most other places. I guess we feel a kinship with people who are concerned about their loved ones and are waiting the latest “word” from the doctor – usually never knowing what to expect. Perhaps that kindness should extend into other areas of our society – because everyone is hurting in some way.

* A good hospital staff certainly makes things a bit easier. I thank the wonderful staff of Piedmont Hospital/Atlanta for their overwhelming compassion, kindness, courtesy, and professionalism. A great staff makes all the difference.

* The kindness and contact from friends to let us know they are praying and thinking about us is humbling and wonderful.  Thank God for good friends.

So we return tomorrow to see what the day brings forth.

~ by jackpickel on March 6, 2014.

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