Things considerate people don’t do…


They don’t think life is a sum zero game.

They don’t say the first things that pop into their heads.

They don’t ask uncomfortable questions.

They don’t show up late.

They don’t give unwarranted advice.

They don’t take acts of gratitude for granted.

They don’t leave people out.

They don’t lose their temper easily.

They don’t talk about themselves constantly.

They don’t make assumptions.

They don’t constantly put themselves first.

They don’t assume you like what they like.

They don’t forget important life events.

They don’t blow things out of proportion.

They don’t think they know it all.

They don’t harshly criticize.

They don’t equate kindness with weakness.

They don’t interrupt you.

They don’t mind giving people the benefit of the doubt.


I condensed this from a longer article.  You can find the entire article here …


~ by jackpickel on May 11, 2015.

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