Henri Nouwen and some great questions…

I’m reading Henri Nouwen’s book Discernment and he asks some good questions each of us needs to ponder…

Are we working with the poor or choosing to be in solidarity with them?

Are we squandering our time or seizing time as a constant opportunity to discover more about ourselves, our neighbor, and our God?

Are we structuring our days to be distracted and entertained, or to let our hearts grow more mature and strong?

Are we responding to our inner fears and pains by ignoring them, or do we choose to face them and live into and through our fears and pains with the help of others who accompany us?

Are we talking or praying, worrying or giving thanks, looking at images that arouse or those that bring joy, dwelling with our anger or with the one who can bring peace?


~ by jackpickel on May 27, 2015.

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