Christian Ironies (part two)

More Christian ironies…

8.  We’ll cry and donate money to a Sarah McLachlan commercial about homeless animals but will change the channel when Feed the Children commercial comes on.

9.  We pre-judge people from different parts of the world based on their appearance, while forgetting that Jesus himself would have likely been “randomly selected” for further inspection at the airport.  (Reality check:  Most of the people in heaven will not be American.)

10.  We protest abortion while refusing to adopt or at the least, love and minster to pregnant women, many of whom are unwed.

11.  We want the phrase “In God we trust” on our money but we don’t trust God with out money.  (Reality check:  why is is so hard to get church people to give money to their church?)

12.  We say “I love my church” but our attendance, giving, and service records prove otherwise.  (Reality check:  why is it so hard to get church people to come to church?)

13.  We say we want to “win the lost” but refuse to hang out with the lost.  (Reality check:  too many Christians live in holy huddles.   Jesus left the perfection of heaven to come down here and hang around cursing, smoking, beer-swilling, immoral, dirty-joke-telling folks – so should you.  You don’t need to look for a job in a “Christian environment”.  Saturate the environment you are already in with the grace of Jesus.)

We’ll, there you go.

~ by jackpickel on June 15, 2015.

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