Peace with God

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Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Romans 5:1)

The Greek work Paul uses here for peace means a state of goodwill between two parties.  It is based on the Hebrew word shalom which indicates God’s favorable intent to deliver his people.

If you have been justified then you have peace with God.  Period.  Paul says several things here about our rock-solid peace with God…

  1.  It is the result of justification by faith – not my good deeds.   To be justified is to be made right.   Justification is procured by faith but even the faith we show in Christ is God’s gift to us.
  2. Our peace with God is solely the work of Christ on our behalf.  Christ does all the work in our justification, therefore, our peace is a result of his person and work – not our own.
  3. It means God’s wrath no longer burns against us.  Scripture describes sinners as dead, lost, aliens from God, and enemies of God.  But when we are made right with God (justified), we become alive, found, embraced, forgiven.  When God declares us justified – the war is over – forever.
  4. It means my peace with God will never end.  Since justification is all Christ’s work on my behalf there is absolutely nothing I can do to lose it – nothing.  When I sin, God doesn’t go to war with me again – I am justified.  This peace I have with God will never destabilize, diminish or deteriorate.  It is unshakable and unending.  Since I did nothing to attain it – I can do nothing to lose it.

“I have peace with God.”  Repeat that phrase several times to yourself today and everyday.  Rest in the absolute fact that the battle is over.

In Christ, you are at peace with God.

~ by jackpickel on September 8, 2015.

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