Jesus’ questionable disciple choices.

image112Jesus chose 12 disciples.  He didn’t go to the local Jewish Synagogue or the Temple to find them.  He went to the beach and fishing docks.  He went to the tax collector booths and dirty roads of Palestine.  The religious higher-ups couldn’t believe that he chose these guys to be his disciples.  He found 12 broken, big-mouthed, impetuous, often violent, rough-around-the-edges guys, all of whom had shady backgrounds … and made them his disciples … and they changed the world.  Jesus isn’t looking for super-star Christians who think they have it all together.  He’s not looking for people who take the right “stand” on certain issues.  He’s just looking for regular folks who will say “Yes” when he says “Follow me”.  Maybe there’s hope for me … and you.

~ by jackpickel on September 21, 2015.

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