Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015.

Today I’m grateful for …

FAITH.  I can’t brag about my faith.  It’s not mine.  It is the faith God has given me.  Even faith is a gift from God.  I’m grateful he has given me faith in his great grace for me.  I’m grateful that through faith and grace he is delivering me from Pharisaic, self-righteous, judgmental fundamentalism.

FAMILY.  I’m grateful for my wife who … a) never complains, b) is not a diva, c) is a hard worker, d) puts up with my complicated issues, e) is a good friend to others (that’s why she has so many friends), f) is an awesome mom and grandmother.  I’m grateful for our three sons who are all handsome, hardworking, talented, and self-sustaining.  I’m grateful for two beautiful and talented daughters-in-law who are great wives to two of our sons (one son is still single).  I’m grateful for an awesome little granddaughter named Charley.

FRIENDS.  I’m grateful for good friends.  Friends that minister to our family and love us as we are.  Friends who enjoy spending time with us and are never in a hurry to be somewhere else.  Friends that share our joys and sorrows.  Friends who have our backs.

FELLOWSHIP.  I’m grateful for the fellowship of Jesus’ church.  Specifically, Watermark Church, the church that allows a sinner like me to be her pastor.  I’m privileged to pastor people full of grace who accept anyone, anywhere, anytime.  I’m grateful that our Watermarkers are not defined by the religious rules they keep but the righteous rest they enjoy in the finished work of Christ.

FAILURES.  Yes, I’m grateful for my failures…and there have been many…and there will probably be many more.  I’ve learned more from my failures, especially about God’s grace, than I have my successes.



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