Bowing to Beyonce

Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce brought the music (?) to the Superbowl half-time this year.  Not my taste … but that’s another discussion.  Just a few thoughts on Beyonce…or, more importantly, what she represents and serves as an illustration of…

Beyonce’s net worth is over $450 million dollars. She and husband Jay Z’s combined net worth is reported to be over $1 billion dollars. They seem to be doing pretty well in anti-black America.  Bow to Beyonce.

Michelle Obama is good friends with Beyonce and one of her ardent admirers calling her a “great role model” for her own daughters.  Bow to Beyonce.

The song Beyonce sang at this year’s Superbowl is called “FORMATION”.  It is an ode to black power, heritage, and race.  Fair enough.  It’s good to be proud of who you are and where you came from.  I celebrate with Beyonce who she is and where she came from.  But I wonder if the same latitude and opportunity would be afforded to someone celebrating a different race or heritage?  Bow to Beyonce.

Additionally, concerning this song, have you listened to all the lyrics?  You can read them here:  It is laden with profanity and one verse speaks of rewarding her significant other (?) with a trip to Red Lobster and the mall if he performs well during sex. How degrading to … men.  A male singer (even a rapper) wouldn’t be allowed to sing this way of a female at the Super Bowl (at least, I hope not) but we let Beyonce do it.  Bow to Beyonce.

Beyonce’s performance consisted of dancers admittedly dressed like Black Panthers.  You can read about the Black Panthers here:  The Anti-Defamation League and The Southern Poverty Law Center include the Black Panthers in their list of hate groups.  But once again … bow to Beyonce.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl half-time performance solidifies that fact that you can say/sing what you want to say/sing in America (at one of the largest and most viewed events of the year, no less) as long as you are politically correct.   But in America, free speech is only for those who are saying/singing the politically correct things.  Bow to  Beyonce.

This is not an attack on Beyonce as a person.  She’s just another broken sinner like I am needing all the grace she can get from a loving God.   But it is an honest appraisal of current state of affairs in our society concerning race, heritage, money, entertainment and free speech – and the one-sidedness and hypocrisy of it all.

Bow to Beyonce.


~ by jackpickel on February 8, 2016.

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