The Bible describes people outside of Christ as blind, lost, dead.  These are not condemning terms.  It’s just the way Scripture uses metaphor to describe life without Christ.  Christians are never to use these terms in derision, condemnation, or in an “us vs. them” manner.  We have ALL been “lost”.

The good news is JESUS LOVES LOST PEOPLE.  Jesus told three stories (Luke 15) about things that were lost.  A lost sheep; a lost coin; a lost son.  In each story…

  1. Something of value is lost.  Be it the sheep, the coin, or the son.
  2. The owner goes to great lengths to find the lost thing.
  3. When the lost thing is found … a great party is thrown.

We are the sheep, the coin, and the son.  Jesus is the Shepherd who finds the lost sheep, the woman who finds the lost coin, and the Father who embraces the lost son.

We don’t “find” Jesus.  Jesus finds us.  We are the ones who are lost.

And when he finds us, he brings us home … where he throws an outrageous party for us.

I once was lost … but now I’m found.

~ by jackpickel on October 7, 2016.

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