“But I don’t like to read.”

“But I don’t like to read.”  This is the favorite excuse of lazy Christians who don’t read the Bible.  Interesting.  It’s also interesting how many Christians who don’t read the Bible … have so many theological opinions!  I always want to ask them, “What’s your source?”

One reason we have so much “weirdness” in Christianity is because so many Christians don’t read their Bibles and interpret what they read correctly.

When Joshua was about to enter Canaan, God told him to read his Bible.  You will find that story in the Old Testament book of Joshua  (of course, you’ll have to read the Bible to get it!).  God told Joshua to “meditate” and “do according to all that is written” (1:7-8).  Joshua had a Bible … it was Genesis through Deuteronomy …. and God told him to read it.

God didn’t command Joshua to …

seek a spiritual experience,

pursue a personal “revelation”,

or engage in goose bumps-giving emotional worship.

God’s word to Joshua is his same word to us today:     OPEN YOUR BIBLE.


~ by jackpickel on October 24, 2016.

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