Grace wins.


20 years ago my life as a person and a pastor fell apart because of some bad decisions I made.  I was abandoned by most of the “Christians” I knew and kicked to the side.  There was absolutely only one “preacher friend” who reached out to me.  I’m slow to say that … but’s it’s the truth.  I became a prodigal son.  I literally told God to leave me alone.  And for years I left him alone and pursued my own path.

But grace wins

God’s grace is like a hound from heaven that never gives up on prodigals.  He pursued me during my worst years and eventually brought me back to himself.

And grace wins.

He brought me back into pastoral ministry (albeit, with some kicking and screaming on my part!)  He allowed me to once again pastor a wonderful congregation that has been patient with my journey.

And grace wins.

This Sunday, January 8, Watermark Church will launch the grand opening of its new 18,000 square foot building.  It will be home to a congregation that does not judge or condemn people; a congregation that accepts people AS they are and WHERE they are; a congregation that confesses its imperfections and seeks God’s grace for them; a congregation that is not “religious” but is in a relationship with Jesus Christ; a congregation that is absolutely baptized in the grace of God; a congregation whose standards are so low…they let ME be their pastor!

Grace wins.

And, yes, the title of my message this coming Sunday is GRACE WINS.  Because it does.

Worship with us if you will.  Sundays @ 10:30am.


~ by jackpickel on January 3, 2017.

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