Christian “conferences”

While I worked yesterday I live-streamed a Christian “conference” designed for young people. I’m all for “firing up” our young people (our old people, too) but it seems most of the “firing up” that is going on is not rooted in the Scriptures.

Many of the speakers I listened to have questionable theology, hardly use the Scriptures, and have no discernment in interpreting the Scriptures when they happen to refer to them. I was amazed that some of them were speaking at this particular conference.

It’s OK to encourage Christians to go “change the world” but if you’re not rooted in Scripture and the proper interpretation thereof … I’m concerned how much of the “change” will truly be Gospel-based.

Remember, I used to attend these kinds of conferences all the time.  Now, looking back, I see the poor theology, immature Christians, entertainment-based worship, and Bible-less churches they’ve produced.

I couldn’t help but ask myself:  Why couldn’t they have sessions on HOW TO INTERPRET THE SCRIPTURES (Hermeneutics) or SEEING JESUS IN THE SCRIPTURES (instead of yourself) or the great doctrines of Scripture such as WHAT GOD THROUGH CHRIST HAS DONE FOR YOU – REDEMPTION, JUSTIFICATION, ATONEMENT (instead of what God wants you to do for him)?

Christians don’t know Christ because they don’t know they Bible … they don’t know the Bible because it’s not being preached in many of our pulpits.

Preachers, we need to change that.

~ by jackpickel on January 4, 2019.

5 Responses to “Christian “conferences””

  1. A great point. As you have stated, many preachers soley focus on getting an emotional response and a “feel good” response from their congregants. I am glad we have a Pastor who preaches from the scripture every week and teaches Jesus’ message of love and grace. The world needs more of that.

  2. Spot on brother! Glad to see you back at the blog.

  3. Great point, perhaps the Bible and theology just wouldn’t be enough to get them fired up. Maybe that’s why Jesus ended up asking the disciples if they were going to leave as well.

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