Goodbye Southern Baptist Convention

Disclaimer:  I was a gung-ho, fully invested Southern Baptist (SBC) for many years.  My Masters of Divinity Degree is from a Southern Baptist institution.  However, I walked away from it years ago.  Hence, this short blog about recent SBC leanings.

The SBC has adopted Critical Race Theory and Social Progressivism.  I’m not even going to elaborate on that.

Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary has just hired Karen Swallow Prior as a research professor.   Again, I’m not even going to elaborate on that.

The SBC has long endorsed the eisegetical and narcissistic teachings of Beth Moore.  Again, I’m not going to elaborate on this…but have you heard her “preach” or read her Twitter posts lately?

Recent high profile SBC leaders (Jack Graham, Robert Jeffress, along with heretical prosperity preachers like T.D. Jakes) have endorsed Paula White’s new book.  Paula White is an heretical, Scripture-twisting, prosperity gospel “preacher” in the same vein as T. D. Jakes, Jentezen Franklin, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Christine Caine and others.  None of whom hold to biblical and orthodox views of salvation by grace alone and cessationism.

I won’t even elaborate on the millions of dollars the SBC has wasted over the years (much like our government) on high-dollar SBC employee salaries and multi-million dollar buildings.

I am elated to see that many strong, Bible-based, churches are departing the SBC because they realize it has been lost and will not be recovered.

I KNOW there are many good people in the SBC who love Jesus and are committed to his kingdom.  But it’s time to realize the connection to false teaching equals confirmation of false teaching.

You may disagree…and that’s your right.  But if you want to debate, please come at me with an open Bible and about four hours.



~ by jackpickel on October 29, 2019.

2 Responses to “Goodbye Southern Baptist Convention”

  1. Wow. That’s some disappointing info. I guess they would call that progressive evolution.

  2. Sad but true. As you often ask – what’s your authority for your position or opinion on this topic? Unfortunately for the SBC, it’s not the scriptures.

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